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Seeing that the human was surrounded by his ten men smoothly, the mutant ape with a golden hair on its head rushed out of the woods with a cry of excitement. Squeak, squeak.. The leader of the mutant apes looked at the humans surrounded by his men with a sarcastic look on his face and laughed sarcastically at each other in monkey language. On the other side, Chu Tianming looked curiously at the eleven apes around him, especially the one that appeared later, with a clump of golden hair on his head, which made Chu Tianming look at him a few times. Sure enough, it is a primeval forest. Is it just close to the periphery? Unexpectedly ran out of eleven mutant creatures of more than thirty levels, this trip is really right! Chu Tianming thought excitedly in his heart. The stronger the strength of the other side, the more happy he is, which does not mean that the whole Shennongjia interior, there are many more powerful than these mutant apes mutant creatures exist! Why did Chu Tianming come here? Is not to slay these powerful mutant creatures, so that their level smoothly up! Now suddenly found that the results were expected to be even better many times, which makes Chu Tianming where will not be happy? Surrounded by these mutant apes, Chu Tianming is looking at them, and they are also looking at Chu Tianming at the same time. Squeak, squeak.. A mutant ape suddenly squeaked, and suddenly the rest of the mutant apes squeaked, and Chu Tianming was puzzled. What are they talking about? Are you going to do something to yourself? At that moment, the mutant ape with a tuft of golden hair on his head suddenly reached out to push away the two mutant apes in front of him and strode up to Chu Tianming. Lowering his head,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, the giant ape's head looked up and down at Chu Tianming, and the leader of the mutant ape immediately raised his head, raised his chest, and slapped his chest with his long arms. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Chu Tianming looked at each other in surprise, thinking, feelings will be normal cry ah! I thought they only did mouse calls! Chapter 297 victory in the first battle. The leader of the mutant apes is very happy at this time. They have been living in this territory since they were driven out by another ape group in the forest. However,Glucono Delta Lactone, it is located in the marginal area, and there is no decent entertainment at ordinary times. The most common thing they do is to fight with big wood. It can be said that life is very boring! Very not easy, today unexpectedly can meet a rare human here, where can these mutant apes not be excited! Not to mention the thoughts of Chu Tianming and the mutant apes, after a few minutes of strange confrontation between the two sides, the mutant apes finally took further action. Fast update without pop-up window Apes have always been naughty creatures. Before they mutated, they liked to play with humans. Now, after the mutation, this nature has not changed. But the difference is that in the past, you threw stones at most, but now, it is directly hit Chu Tianming's face with that pair of huge fists. This punch down, if replaced by an ordinary evolutionist, is bound to be finished, L Methylfolate Factory ,S Adenosyl Methionine, but now the object is Chu Tianming, this thing is not the same. Faced with the fist of the leader of the mutant ape, Chu Tianming smiled and moved back a step, his body naturally tilted to avoid the punch, and at the same time, when he was avoiding it, he reached out and pointed out that the sword gas of his fingertips instantly cut the hard skin of the mutant ape and cut off one of his fingers. Ow! The leader of the mutant ape screamed and strode back, the uninjured arm. Hammering the ground violently. The ground was cracked inch by inch, and big pits appeared on the ground. "Call" Blowing on his fingers in one breath, Chu Tianming smiled at the mutant ape striding back, with a sarcastic smile at the corners of his mouth. Is that all you can do? Chu Tianming said sarcastically. Whether those mutant apes understand or not, but Chu Tianming's smile with a sarcastic meaning, they are really in the eyes.
Seeing this, the mutant apes hammered their chests one after another, roaring loudly, even ignoring the orders of their own leaders, and rushed directly at Chu Tianming. Huge fists fell from the sky and hit Chu Tianming's body. In the face of these attacks, Chu Tianming smiled faintly and stretched out his finger, separated by a distance, directly in the air. Suddenly, the space was distorted, and the sword gas whirled toward the mutant apes. Unfortunately, several mutant apes in front of them were penetrated by the sword gas through their huge bodies. The vast blood was scattered in the sky, and a strong smell of blood filled the air. 'Peng ',' Peng ',' Peng '.. The huge body fell to the ground, was blasted by the sword, fell on the ground, some directly scattered into several pieces, immediately blood dyed the whole ground, the green grass on the ground. It was directly dyed into red grass. Ten ordinary mutant apes, under the sword gas, directly died seven, the remaining three Leng Leng looked at the bodies of their companions on the ground, for a moment unexpectedly stunned in situ motionless! "Ow!" Not far from the mutant ape roared, watching his men were brutally killed by Chu Tianming, the original pain of the broken finger seems not so painful, a stream of anger like a fountain, from his heart to the brain. 'Peng' A punch broke the hard ground under his feet, and suddenly rushed toward Chu Tianming! Chu Tianming sneered. Finger in the air a little, the sword gas ran through the three silly mutant apes in place, then the right foot on the ground, the body instantly rose to the sky. Ow! The leader of the mutant ape roared and looked up at the sky, and his short legs suddenly and fiercely stepped on the ground. The huge body suddenly rose high into the sky. He hit Chu Tianming hard. Kill you! This is what the leader of the mutant apes is thinking at this time. The mutant ape's body is huge, just looking at it. Can be in the momentum of the other side, but Chu Tianming is not what has not seen the evolution of the world,Heme Iron Polypeptide, let alone ten or twenty meters, even thousands of meters tall, he is not seen. pioneer-biotech.com