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Beichen leaned against the wall of the carriage, his eyes closed tightly, and the smell of meat buns wafted faintly between his breath. However, he never opened his eyes. He suddenly felt a little reluctant to face the reality. Ture Why was his life so hard, and why did his grandfather always come to tell him that he shouldn't have refused her before he refused her? In fact, seriously think about it, if not, every day trying to pull the little hands of Mu ninety-nine, can also linger on to live, just. Hey. Beichen sighed faintly, slowly opened his eyes, and his deep black eyes looked at Mu Jiujiu, who was happily eating meat buns. After Mu Jiujiu got on the bus, he warmly invited Beichen to eat steamed buns. After being refused, he sat in his seat and looked at the scenery outside the window while eating steamed buns. So the more Beichen fell asleep and woke up, she didn't notice it at all. But as she looked at the scenery, she suddenly felt a strong line of sight falling on her body. She turned her head doubtfully and saw Beichen Yuezheng sitting opposite her,Whirlpool bathtub, with a tight face and staring straight at her. Mu Jiujiu was slightly stunned for a moment, hesitated for a moment, or could not help but open his mouth: "Your Highness, what's wrong with you?"? Is it uncomfortable? "No." Bei Chenyue looked at the steamed stuffed bun in Mu Jiujiu's hand with an indifferent expression, but his heart was full of despair. After he hesitated for a moment, he opened his mouth very euphemistically after all: "You steamed stuffed bun.." It smells good. "Yes!" Mu Jiujiu nodded,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, bowed his head and took a big bite of the steamed stuffed bun in his hand and said, "It tastes delicious, too!" Bei Chenyue:.. Is the implication in his words not obvious? Thinking of this, he reached out and clenched his fist, put it to his mouth, coughed softly, and then continued: "Well.." Ben Wang, suddenly feel a little hungry. Mu Jiujiu was stupefied for a moment, thought about it, then nodded, and echoed very sincerely: "Indeed, in order to go to the palace for dinner in the morning, outdoor whirlpool tub ,endless swim spa, we hardly ate anything, and tossed around in the palace again. Now it's almost noon. Your Highness thinks it's right to be hungry." Bei Chenyue:.. Was he not hinting enough, or was she too stupid to understand what he was saying? "But Ben Wang feels very hungry now." Bei Chenyue stared straight at the steamed stuffed bun in Mu Jiujiu's hand and said in a cool voice, "Do you have anything for Ben Wang to eat?" Mu Jiujiu lowered his head and took a look at the meat bun that he had bitten more than half of in his hand. Then he took a look at the last meat bun left on the seat beside him. Subconsciously, he hid the last meat bun behind him. He shook his head and said, "No, I have nothing else to eat for your Highness." Bei Chenyue:?? Don't you have a meat bun beside you? You don't think Ben Wang saw it, do you? But he can't directly open his mouth to let Mu ninety-nine give him the last meat bun to eat, otherwise, he is not hitting his face? The carriage suddenly fell into silence, and the atmosphere became slightly awkward. Mu Jiujiu lowered his head and silently ate the steamed stuffed bun in his hand. Chapter 110 I don't want what you've eaten. Mu Jiujiu lowered his head and silently ate the steamed stuffed bun in his hand, thinking to himself that he must not open his mouth to let her give him the last meat steamed stuffed bun to eat. Although when she bought it just now, she really wanted to buy two for Beichen Yue, but she couldn't stand it. The steamed buns were so delicious that she didn't eat anything all morning, so she ate and unconsciously ate the third steamed bun, and. I still don't feel full. However, the more a person is afraid of something, the more he will come. After a moment of silence in the carriage, Beichen Yue finally took a deep breath and said to Mu Jiujiu with a loveless expression on his face, "Ben Wang is hungry. Bring that meat bun here.".
” Mu Jiujiu:!!! She suddenly raised her head, a pair of smart eyes full of complaints to look at the North Chen Yue, he actually want to eat her last steamed stuffed bun? Mu Jiujiu hurriedly stuffed half of the steamed stuffed bun left in his hand into his mouth. Then he took out the last steamed stuffed bun from behind him. He looked at Beichen Yue with an embarrassed look on his face. His voice was vague: "But Your Highness, you will arrive at the Yue Palace soon. After all, the steamed stuffed buns outside are not very clean. What if you have a stomachache after eating them?" Her voice paused, and then looked at Beichen Yue with a sincere face: "Why don't you hold on for a while?" Beichen took a deep breath and tried to make the expression on his face look indifferent. "But the king is a little hungry now. It's his honor to be liked by the king. If he really eats it and has a stomachache, the king will not forgive the vendor who sells steamed buns." Mu Jiujiu:.. Brother, you are not sick, are you? You just said that you didn't like the steamed stuffed buns outside. If they are not clean, you don't eat them. At the moment, he still insisted on eating other people's meat buns, and said that he had a stomachache and wanted to get even with others. Didn't you touch the porcelain on purpose? You are so weak that you may faint at any time and anywhere. What can you eat without getting upset. Beichen looked at her tangled face, simply stood up, walked up to her, reached out a big hand, held her slender wrist tightly, and then put her hand holding the meat bun in front of him, a bow, then took a bite on the bun in her hand. Mu ninety-nine has not yet reacted to come over,jacuzzi bath spa, Beichen Yue has already left a mouthful, right a mouthful, to wipe out the meat buns in her hands. She. Her last meat bun! It's just gone? Mu Jiujiu raised his head and looked at Beichen Yue with an expression of disbelief on his face. Beichen Yue's mouth was full of meat buns. He took a look at Mu Jiujiu's shocked eyes and turned his head awkwardly. A faint blush appeared involuntarily on his cold and handsome face. monalisa.com