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The diameter of the iron jar is more than three feet, plus water, that weight must be more heavy, this little girl is so petite, unexpectedly can carry the jar so up, is really some ability. The crowd could not help clapping their hands and threw the coppers into the tray one after another. The man saw that he could not smash the field, so he walked away dejectedly in the boos of the crowd. The girl picked up the heavy iron plate and thanked her with a smiling face. Changling saw her round almond eyes curved into the moon, which was very pleasing. She touched two pieces of broken silver and threw them into the plate impartially. This silver is not small, worth the whole plate of coppers, the girl eyebrows a happy, was about to thank, a look up, has not seen the figure in front. Walking lazily in the street, Changling sighed with emotion that "there are talented people from generation to generation." Thinking that there were still 90% of the hemp souls scattered on her body, she could not help sighing. That day, she gave the antidote to those girls, and she was still imprisoned. Even after several days of Nanhua needling, it was useless, and the five poisonous trees were scattered, so she did not know where to go to ask for the antidote. When the attendant saw that Changling had generously scattered the silver,multi disc screw press, he sighed again and again. Just as he was wondering, he suddenly heard someone behind him shouting, "Rob the money!" Changling turned his head and saw a little beggar walking through the street with an iron tray in his arms, followed by a young girl, who was just busking. The girl ran so fast that she was about to grab the man. The little beggar kicked under his feet and jumped up. The man had already landed on the roof. The girl was so angry that she ran all the way under the eaves, stumbling several times and almost overturning the stalls. One ran on the ground, one flew on the eaves, and the distance was pulled away in a moment. The little beggar was about to slip away. Without paying attention,rotary vacuum disc filters, he was caught off guard by stepping on something and fell from the roof with a "splash". The girl caught up with him and looked at the coppers scattered all over the floor. She grabbed the beggar and said angrily, "Why did you rob me of my money?" "Oh, oh, oh, it hurts!" The little beggar fell on the spot and broke his coccyx. "Aunt, I haven't eaten anything for two days. If I'm not hungry, how dare I rob you of your money?" The girl looked at him as thin as a stick, looked soft, and let go of her hand. "If you want to eat, just say it well." Then he crouched down and picked up the two pieces of broken silver and stuffed them into the little beggar. "Take them. Don't do this kind of stealing again in the future." The little beggar couldn't believe it, so he thanked him twice and limped away holding his buttocks. The girl crouched down to pick up the coppers and found a few fennel beans on the ground, all of which had rolled down from the roof. Just as she was wondering, she heard a woman say, "That little thief can climb over the eaves and walls. He is full of energy when he speaks. He looks like you." The girl looked up and saw a beautiful woman standing in front of her, disc air diffuser ,wall penstocks, holding a paper bag in her left hand, with half a small bag of fennel beans lying inside. She instantly reacted, jumped up and said, "Sister, did you scatter the beans?" Changling didn't want to talk to her for a moment. Just now she picked up a handful of fennel beans and wanted to help the girl get back the two taels of silver, but the girl was so stupid that she even believed the words of the scoundrels. Changling nodded perfunctorily and was about to leave when the girl stopped her and said, "Hey, wait a minute." As he spoke, he bent down and picked up all the coppers. He grabbed two handfuls and stuffed them into a cloth bag around his waist. He handed them to Changling and said, "Sister, I don't know how to thank you for your generous help. You can take all these and buy a new bag of beans." Changling's eyes swept around the few coppers left in the iron plate. "I've taken them all away. Won't your jar be raised in vain?" The girl blinked her eyes and suddenly thought of something. "Sister," she said with a smile, "did you give her the two taels of silver?" Changling did not answer, but was about to push the cloth bag back when he caught a glimpse of a small string of patterns embroidered on the cloth bag, which was the Sanskrit character "Xuan". At that time, her master, Master Xuan Ji, would also sew the word "Xuan" on his own cloth bag. At first glance, the way the needle and thread moved was somewhat similar.
"This cloth bag is embroidered like Sanskrit. Aren't you from the Central Plains?" The girl shook her head, "My home is in Lin'an, and this cloth bag was given to me by an old gentleman." Does my sister understand the words on it? "I don't understand." In front of the attendants, Changling could not say much, but the girl had a lot of brute force and could not even do flying skills. She must not be a disciple of the master. But if the cloth bag was really a gift from the master, it would be unknown to find out the master's whereabouts from her. Changling poured the coppers back into the iron plate, and the remaining two were stuffed into his pocket together with the cloth bag. "Half a bag of beans is worth two pennies, and I don't need more." The girl breathed a sigh of relief when she received the money. The attendant saw a figure at the end of the street in the distance and reminded her, "Miss Nan, the prince has come back.". We have to go to Jinling. "You're going to Jinling, too?"? Me too.. But my sister is a noble person, and she won't go with me. Changling looked at her eyes flickering, full of ingenuity, "what's your name?" "Ah, my name is Zhou Qin." "Zhou Qin." Changling repeated in a low voice and nodded, "Well, when we get to Jinling, we will meet each other. You can stay here." The author has something to say: Know that everyone likes to see the sweet pet, do not want the male and female protagonists to have any misunderstanding and sadistic contradictions. Now I just wrote a story about entering Jinling with the identity of Nanxu, and everyone seems to have already made up for it. After that, the bloody scenes were staged in turn. If I really write something about the hero stabbing the heroine and saying why you want to kill the person I love most, it's not too late for you to draw a conclusion! As for why it is written like this, to be reasonable, Sister Ling is an unemployed vagrant without an ID card. She is abroad. Without this "coincidence", she does not even have a customs clearance document. How can she quickly return to Jinling and take revenge? Probably before seeing Shen Yao, you have to write ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties again, right? o(╥﹏╥)o Also, trust the hero and heroine. Just as a Zhou said a word at the beginning and was scolded,rapid sand filters, it turned out that he was not so annoying, just as people complained that Changling was imprisoned in the Five Poisons Gate, it turned out that the moment she exploded Nanxu was very gratifying. khnwatertreatment.com