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"Probably." Xie Moru pinched a cherry and put it in his mouth. The tribute was really good. It not only looked good, but also tasted good. On the second day, Xie Moru got up earlier. It was still cold in the late spring morning. Mammy Zhang found out the thick material cloak for Xie Moru to wear ahead of time. She ordered the Wisteria to carry the lantern and let Jingwei hold the girl. It was dark outside. Don't fall. Xie Moru smiled. "I used to get up quickly now. Mammy can rest assured." "So is this." Mammy Zhang looked at her girl lovingly. "Mammy is old, and she always has to tell her a few words before she can rest assured." Xie Moru smiled. "I'm going out now. Mammy will have a rest." "I'm in good spirits in the morning, and I'm not tired. The Wisteria in our courtyard has blossomed, just in time to take advantage of the early morning, and the flowers are clean. Pick some to make porridge." As he spoke, he saw Xie Moru off in the end. It was the first time that Xie Mo came to see Mrs. Xie off in the morning. Mrs. Xie and Master Xie were having dinner. Next to them sat Xie Song, Xie Bai, Xie Moyou, Xie Zhi, Xie Lan, and Xie Yu. They were all children and grandchildren, and Xie Moyou was not very old, so they sat around the table and were very happy. When Mrs. Hsieh heard the maid's reply, she said with a smile, "What's the matter with you?"? Didn't I tell Sulan yesterday not to come and pay my respects? How to answer this, you can't say that you sold the face of Su Lan, nor can you say that you were too lazy to come before. Of course, if Xie Mo is like Xie Moyou's temperament, he said coquettishly that he would come over to eat breakfast with his grandmother, and he would laugh. It's just that Xie Moru really doesn't have such a temper, and she can't say such pleasant words. She said,Horse weight lbs, "I went to bed early last night, and I got up early this morning. I think my wife always goes out in the fifth watch. Since I know my wife is at home, I should come and pay my respects." He said that he would pay his respects. This kind of words, also Xie Mo Ru can say. Fortunately, someone smoothed things over for her. Xie Bai asked with a smile, "Mo Ru, did you have breakfast?" Xie Moru said, "I have a late breakfast,cattle weight tape, and I will use it when I go back." Mrs. Xie was probably choked by Xie Moru just now. She said lightly, "I have nothing to do here. It's so cold in the morning. Now that you have paid your respects, you can go back.". I have to go to school later. Xie Bai hurriedly said, "Come and have a meal together." Xie Moru thought about it and felt that he shouldn't have come this morning. She had never come before, but her sudden arrival was surprising, inappropriate, and made people think that she had some special purpose. The table was already full, and it was obviously wrong to add her to the original happy atmosphere of eating. Xie Moru said earnestly, "Uncle, when I said I used breakfast late, I wasn't being polite. I really used it late.". When I came out, Mammy was already preparing breakfast for me. I'll be right back. Finish saying a blessing body, turn round to walk. Xie Moru felt that sitting down would disturb the dining atmosphere of Mrs. Xie and others, so she left, but she did not expect that after she left, the dining atmosphere was even worse. Xie Shangshu stopped eating with two chopsticks, Fiberglass tape measure ,Surveyors tape measure, and the rest of the people could not eat any more. After gargling and drinking tea, he served those who should enter the palace and those who should go to court. Xie Moru went back quickly, and when she returned to the cuckoo yard, Mammy Chang served her in her cloak and asked, "Madam has gone?" "My wife said it was cold in the morning, and I asked Ann to come back." Xie Moru took a sip of tea, asked someone to hang the lark under the porch, and went to the garden for a walk to keep fit. Xie Mo has never been served by people, the sky is still a trace of night black, with a deep blue, the morning breeze is full of lotus dew, cool vegetation, very comfortable. Xie Moru closed his eyes slightly and felt the tranquility of the morning. In the room, Mammy Zhang asked Jingwei about her eldest daughter's greeting. Jingwei almost cried and her eyes were slightly red. "The girl went a little early. The wife didn't finish her meal yet. She asked our girl to pay her respects directly and asked the girl to come back.". The second master and the second girl, Master Zhi, Master Lan and Master Yu, were all having dinner at the wife's place. The wife didn't even say a word to leave a meal. The second master said a few words for the girl, and the girl came back. Mammy Zhang sighed deeply and did not know what to say, but she felt very sorry for her big girl. Xie Moru did not know that he had been distressed by Mammy Zhang. After eating Wisteria porridge in the morning, he asked Mammy Zhang to fry Wisteria fish at noon and pick flowers to make some Wisteria cakes tomorrow.
Verbose ordered a pile of things, see the time, Xie Mo Ru then took Jingwei Wisteria to Huazhang Hall class. When Hua Zhangtang met Xie Moyou, Xie Moyou comforted her and said, "Big sister, don't be angry." Xie Moru was puzzled. "What am I angry about?" Xie Moyou's beautiful eyes are full of apologies. "We don't know that Big Sister will go there in the morning, otherwise we will have dinner when Big Sister arrives." Xie Moru took a deep look at Xie Moyou, smiled, and did not speak. Xie Moyou wanted to say something more, but Xie Moru had already turned around and turned over the book, and Mr. Ji had arrived. Xie Moyou could not say any more, so he had to give up. Chapter 11 Reminder Xie Moru does not intend to have any deep communication with Xie Moyou, this is not a difficult thing, Xie Moru put on a cold look, Mrs. Xie will not have the desire to communicate with her, let alone a Xie Moyou. It couldn't be easier. But Xie Moyou went back to the Peony Courtyard and complained to his mother, "I don't know why I offended my elder sister again. I tried to persuade her with good intentions, but she ignored me and looked so stuffy." Aunt Ning said, "Although she is bored, she is a conscientious person.". You talk a lot, but you don't have more heart than she does. Think of that day at home banquet, Xie Moyou so painstakingly to entertain the family ladies, Xie Mo easily picked up a mistake, sold Su Shi a good not to say, will also Xie Moyou than down, how not to make Ning aunt depressed. Even if she again rare virtuous reputation, not willing to have half a minute of slow and lazy Xie Mo Ru, in the end Xie Mo you is her flesh and blood. Xie Moyou beeped his mouth, looked out and said, "Niang, at this time in the past,Diameter tape measure, Grandmother should have come back from the palace. Why hasn't she come back today?" Aunt Ning said, "probably the empress left your grandmother to eat in the palace." There's no need to worry about that. The lunch at the Pine and Cypress Yard is all ready. When Mrs. Hsieh comes back, it's all ready. It doesn't matter if she doesn't come back. The mother and daughter replied and had lunch together without mentioning it. tapemeasure.net