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I'm sorry, Master. The disciple was incompetent and let the master down! Wang Hai and Zhao Xue knelt on the ground with a gloomy face. Next to the two of them, Zhang Long lay directly on the bed, his face as white as paper, unable to move. Useless things! Meng Jun waved his hand mercilessly, looking extremely ugly. His four core disciples were all defeated by Lin Xi. With Meng Shi, there are five. If these five people are not strong enough, there is nothing wrong with it. But these people's martial arts are all higher than Lin Xi, but they were defeated, and they were defeated! This has to be said, for Meng Jun's position in the faction, is not a small blow. This is tantamount to virtually saying that Meng Jun's door is full of wine and rice bags! Meng Jun's own reputation is naturally not much better. Brother Meng, you don't have to be angry. Lin Xi, that little beast, will die sooner or later. It's not a big deal to let him be proud for a while today. One side, five elder Wei unfair consolation way. In fact, in this room, in addition to the four elders Duan Yimei,Portable gold trommel, there are five elders Wei Pingping, in addition, there are some close disciples around Meng Jun. Meng Jun did not speak. The anger in his heart is not so easy to dissolve. Younger Martial Brother Duan, how is it going? Did you find out anything? Meng Jun raised his eyebrows and suddenly shouted to the four elders not far away. "Duan Yimei, the fourth elder, was half kneeling beside Zhang Long, and his hands were examining the orifices of his whole body." No. Zhang Long's body surface was hardly injured. But the internal organs of his body were badly damaged. It is exactly the same as the wound of Martial Nephew Yue He. The strength of the fist seems to penetrate the body directly and bombard the internal organs. This injury is very difficult to treat! Duan Yimei shook his head. His face was thoughtful,sodium cyanide price, and there was something in his expression of admiration: This kind of boxing is really unheard of and never seen before. It's an injury. Even I can't do it. Where on earth did this boy come from? In a word, the whole hall was suddenly silent. In fact, this is not the first time that several people have heard Duan Yimei say this. But when I heard it again, I still found it hard to accept. Five thunder faction, up and down, in addition to Lin Xi, no one will be this strange boxing. And the ancestor of the Lin family did not create this kind of boxing at all. It can only be said that the origin of Lin Xishi's boxing is a mystery! No matter where he got it. He must die! Meng Jun's eyebrows were like knives, giving off a deep sense of killing. You can't kill him! Duan Yimei and Wei Pingping said almost at the same time, in a hurried voice. As soon as they finished speaking, they realized something at the same time, looked at each other, and understood each other tacitly. Finally, Duan Yimei said: "Elder Martial Brother Meng, gold shaking table ,manganese beneficiation plant, I have no objection if you want to kill him.". But it has to be after we get the boxing spectrum on him. You have seen the power of this boxing. Not to mention our Five Thunder Sect, even if we look at the whole sect, even if it is Lieyang Sect, there is no such weird and overbearing learning! "Not bad!" Wei uneven also echoed: "Elder Martial Brother, think about it.". This method of boxing can penetrate the skin membrane and damage the internal organs. That is to say, even if it is the eighth King Kong period of the strong, get a slap, also will be injured. If it falls into our hands, it will be even more powerful. It's a strong man who can challenge the power of the dragon. Meng Jun frowned and understood what the two men meant: "You want the boxing spectrum on him, and I have no objection.". But you've seen the progress of this little beast. He was a waste in the first six years, and now even Zhang Long is no match for him. I suspect that behind this little beast, there is a master teaching him. I even suspect that it is possible that this skill was created by the Great Elder and specially taught to him! Wei Pingping and Duan Yimei could not help but be moved when they heard this. But think about it, the five thunder faction is not a particularly big school, there will be no top players to enter here. Moreover, with the cultivation of several people, according to reason, it should not be found. Elder Martial Brother Meng, what do you mean? Duan Yimei said tentatively. Hum! If you think about it, what was the reaction of the Great Elder in the Council of Elders on that day. For decades, he has never been in charge of the affairs of the faction. This time he made an exception for Lin Xi. Moreover, he has been living in seclusion. No one knows what level his skill has reached.
In a few decades, with his ability, it is not impossible to create a world-shaking boxing. Meng Jun said the speculation in his heart. On that day, had it not been for the appearance of the elder, Lin Ruyun's two aunts and nephews might not have been able to settle the impeachment of Lin Xi so easily. A big elder who doesn't care about the world and stays out of it, even if his skill is high, it doesn't matter to Meng Jun. There was no effect, but when the elder made an exception and rode on his head, this was what Meng Jun could not bear. Although the elder did not clearly express his attitude, it was enough for Meng Jun to feel threatened. If the elder is behind Lin Xi, then things will be in trouble. Duan Yimei murmured. Long Li Jing's strong man is very terrible, even if Duan Yimei is King Kong's strong man, a pair of body King Kong is not bad, also dare not challenge the great elder! There was something wrong with Wei Ping's face, but he immediately said: Things may not be what we think. If the Great Elder really intends to get his hands on the position of Master, we are not qualified to compete with him at all. In my opinion, the key is still on the boy Lin Xi. Meng Junwen string song and know elegant meaning: Do you have any good ideas? With the great elder on the mountain and the old maid Lin Ruyun, you should know that we can't deal with him brazenly! "Hey, Elder Martial Brother, of course we have no way to deal with the Elder.". But limit the speed of the boy's training, so that he can not be promoted so quickly,coltan ore processing, there is still a way. Have you forgotten that we martial artists can't do without a medicinal bath every day! Wei Ping Yin Yin laughed. Meng Jun was stupefied, then understood, and laughed:. ore-magnetic-mining.com