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Original title: Introduction to Maurer Expansion Joint Introduction to Maurer expansion joints Modulus expansion joint: It refers to two or more multi-joint expansion devices with the same expansion amount of each single joint and uniform displacement. The expansion joint with the displacement of 160mm-480mm and more than 480mm of Maole expansion joint generally uses Magba expansion joint,bra tape measure, which is modular and can be changed in three dimensions. And can meet and adapt to that use of cur bridges,bespoken tape measure, skew bridge and extra-long span bridges. Maurer expansion joints are modular expansion joints. Expansion joints composed of special-shaped steel beams and unit waterstops are called modular expansion joints. It is suitable for bridge engineering with an expansion of. Technical requirements: 1. The rubber is chloroprene rubber (I.e. CR, retractable tape measure sewing ,printed tape measure, applicable to the area with temperature of -25 ℃ to + 60 ℃) or natural rubber (i.e. NR, applicable to the area with temperature of -40 ℃ to + 60 ℃) 2. Steel plates used in expansion joint The quality shall comply with the provisions of GB012 and GB374, and the profiled steel used (i.e. 16MN or Q345) shall comply with the provisions of JT/T1591. Purchase and storage The purchase and assembly of expansion devices shall be carried out according to the requirements of different models, lengths, types of sealing rubber parts and width during installation proposed in the design drawings. The expansion devices of different brands and models shall be supplied in complete sets by specialized manufacturers. The expansion device shall be assembled in the manufacturer in advance and transported to the construction site after being packed by special equipment. Before leaving the factory, the manufacturer shall fix the assembled expansion device with a fixture according to the installation dimensions required in the drawing, so as to maintain the width required in the drawing and mark the weight and lifting point position respectively. If the combined expansion device is too long due to the limitation of transportation length or other reasons,seamstress measuring tape, it can be assembled and transported in sections after trial assembly in the factory with the approval of the supervising engineer, but the modular expansion device must be assembled in the factory. The expansion joint materials used for the subdivisional works shall be delivered to the site as planned. When the expansion devices are transported to the site for storage, they shall be padded at least 30cm above the ground and covered with color strip cloth to ensure that they are not damaged and meet the requirements for commencement. Hengchuang Construction Engineering Bridge Expansion Joint Professional Factory Factory Price 18830836050 Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com